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Practicality of Education

Before you think this is just another zany plot line, there are many people out there with PhDs working fast food places like Chickentopia. Why? I’m not 100% sure. Sometimes they simply can’t find a job, anywhere. Others can’t find a job in the right location or at the right school they want. Still, they’re not alone. You’d be surprised ... Read More »

Press Start

David deserves a lot of credit for getting this one done.  It may not seem like a lot of work, but getting from the conceptual point to this was a massive undertaking.  If you were unaware, the strip parallels the actual God of War video game fairly close. Yes, this strip is filled with lots of grammar jokes that only ... Read More »

Won’t Do You Much Good

There’s nothing quite like a grammar joke.  They bore the dedicated fans, while keeping away any potential new ones!  More to the point, however, they allow us to applaud our intellectual-lite way of rendering jokes.  Go us. Anyone who has ever taught has had this kid.  Explaining the situation to them is hopeless.  So just look at them and smile, ... Read More »