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Power of Persuasion

I really hope this strip spurs a flurry of gun control related posts on Facebook. That way everyone can finally be reminded of just how wrong they are, no matter which side they’re on. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Whew, thank God! VICTORIA: What? MEGAN: Someone finally posted enough times on Facebook to change my view on gun control! MEGAN: One fewer and ... Read More »

Gun Debate Fatigue

Dr. Klownus has incredibly thin arms. He could be a female model with those arms. And the third panel is a joke, before anyone comments or writes in to correct us. ↓ TranscriptBEARD: I'm starting to tire of this whole gun control debate. KLOWNUS: I'm starting to worry about the gun control debate. I've grown fond of my biceps. BEARD: ... Read More »

Stock Up Now

There’s something a little amusing when people don’t stop to consider where their conspiracy theories originate from. Someone is almost always making money from it. ↓ TranscriptREDNECK 1: Hey kids, you'd better load up on guns and ammunition. MEGAN: Why? REDNECK 2: Because with Obama reelected we're going to lose our rights to buy them. AMANDA: We didn't in his ... Read More »