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Stupidest Creature On Earth

Man often does feel like the stupidest creature on earth, but I wonder what it really is? I mean, I’m sure someone can tell me what animal has the smallest brain or the simplest one, but size being relative, I wonder which animal people just can’t believe manages to survive given its intellect? I bet humans rank pretty high up ... Read More »

Happy Halloween Batman

I’m sure some comic has done this before, but what do superheroes do on Halloween? Do villains still wear their costumes, or do they dress as heroes? I have no idea. It would be cool to see the Joker going as Two Face or someone. ↓ TranscriptJIMMY: Ugh, I'm tired of the same old superhero costumes. RICK: Check out the ... Read More »

Sexy Costumes

I don’t mind the sexy Halloween costumes. But I do wonder why there are only sexy Halloween costumes for women. There are just plain goofy costumes for men, but even the funny costumes for women have to show off some cleavage bizarrely. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Come on, we've got to find great Halloween costumes this year. AMANDA: What about sexy nurses? ... Read More »

Treat and Trick

This comic may seem crueler to our female readers, but remember this is Mr. Mittens. He has no real conscience in the traditional sense. He is remorseless. He is a cat. By the way, since it is Halloween, I think parents that don’t let their kids indulge themselves in candy this one night a year are a little wonky. Look, ... Read More »

Vampire, Zombie, and Catfish

I actually find catfish a lot scarier than zombies. Zombies (the real ones) tend to just stagger about, and if you’re in decent shape you can simply outrun them. A catfish, however, has no business walking around on ground. How does he do that? If he can walk around on dry ground (like the one in this comic), what’s to ... Read More »

Those Sneaky Religious Types

There’s nothing better than turning a negative into a positive for your cause. Well, I suppose that isn’t such a good thing when it means horribly manipulating people. But, umm, you get the idea. Anyway, no, we do not hate Christian haunted houses. There’s a bit of a contradiction there probably to begin with, but more we’re kind of mocking ... Read More »

The Demon Drink

I always wondered about the kid who was just really into acting and decided to participate in Judgment House or Hell House. While Method Acting might be a stretch, what happens if they’re too believable in their role? Does anyone start to get suspicious if the drunk is a little too realistic? I wonder this as a writer, too. What ... Read More »

Judgmental House

In case you’re wondering, yes Judgement House, Hell House, and their ilk are all real things that people actually put on and attend. Are they all really that bad? I’ve actually been through one of the Judgement Houses before (and yes, they’re different things), and generally I found it not too bad. Of course, this was a good ten plus ... Read More »