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Honey Bite Bite

Every time I see people try to avoid something because it sounds mildly dirty, they always end up making it sound ten time dirtier. It must be some cosmic force at work. ↓ TranscriptEXECUTIVE 1: We love your book, "Honey Bite Bite"! EXECUTIVE 2: We're just concerned with the title. Parents might find it too violent. Maybe something shorter? AMANDA: ... Read More »

Young Adult Fiction

A book series about a redneck child beauty pageant contestant who is also a vampire? No, I wouldn’t read that. But a film series? Yes, I would watch that. Or even a TV show. Hire the producers of The Walking Dead, stat! ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: I'm writing my own young adult fiction series. JIMMY: Isn't that hard? AMANDA: Don't be silly! ... Read More »