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Trading brains for love

When I was a kid we had detached garage that had at one point been a barn.  In other words, it was quite large.  Feral cats would move into it to birth kittens, and then we’d be stuck with not only feral cats, but feral kittens.  My mom was big on trying to tame the kittens, so we’d take a ... Read More »

Better without sleep than with, but not smarter

I long ago gave up on the delusion that anything about me was remotely unique. Instead, I cast this out there as a sort of digital fishing line to find like-bodied individuals. Do you ever find yourself being better when you’ve had no sleep? Last night I got basically no sleep. Today I taught three classes and had one faculty ... Read More »

Car shopping as a measure of intelligence

I bought a car this past weekend. Actually, my wife and I bought a car this past weekend. But since I rarely drive (except slow on the driveway every Saturday), it is mostly a purchase for her. The process of buying a car is equivalent to having root canal work done on the back of a camel while riding through ... Read More »