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Internet Grants All Knowledge

The Internet is an awesome tool to learn. Unfortunately, I don’t think most people ever use it for that. They use it for stupid reasons. Like reading comics. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Professors, all my teachers tell me to spend less time online! HOBO: So? BILLY: I learn more from the Internet than I ever do in class. BEARD: Such as? BILLY: ... Read More »

Flattering Big Brother

Yeah, there is something to be said for using your oppressor’s tools in order to undermine them, but really, we all know this is a bit silly. The government is many things, but entirely useless is not one of them. ↓ TranscriptJABEZ: I just posted on Facebook to let everyone know how sick I am of our socialist government! MEGAN: ... Read More »

Win the Internet

I don’t post many comments online, but it is endlessly enjoyable to read comments posted under news articles. Well, sometimes. Sometimes it makes me fear for the future of humanity. Other times it’s just amusing as people try to best one another. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: I got into a fight with some guys on an Internet message board. It took several ... Read More »

Internet Comments

There’s a sadness to scrolling too far down on a story you’re reading and discovering the comments section. For most major news sites this area is a festering cesspool of racist, homophobic, and misogynistic diatribes. Most people don’t speak this way in everyday life, so is it the anonymity of the Internet that opens up this hidden side to the ... Read More »

Personal Email

When in doubt on how to solve a problem, devour someone. There’s probably no better advice for a young person today. There’s probably a business self-help book in there somewhere. ↓ TranscriptTROLL: This professor only ever checks his personal email! And half the time it's replying to women from some dating site. MOLE: Too bad you can't do anything. MOLE: ... Read More »

Net Neutrality

High minded issues like net neutrality never are issues to most people until they affect their leisure time, or wallets. It will be interesting to see where this issue eventually develops, and if it enters the general conscience as an issue before it’s finally settled. Because as of now, it certainly isn’t there. ↓ TranscriptTROLL: No one takes net neutraility ... Read More »


Sure, most of a university is now completely dependent upon the Internet for their very survival, but an English department somehow manages to survive without. Well, should at least. This is fantasy, after all. The Mole character introduced here was created years ago for a web site project that never quite took off. We knew eventually we’d get some use ... Read More »

Unholy website of CNN

While piddling about online looking for something interesting to read, I made the mistake of visiting CNN’s website. What’s so bad about CNN’s site, you ask? First, why does CNN act confused about where I am? Just about every other website in the world can recognize and greet me knowing I’m from the United States. For some reason, CNN always ... Read More »

Nation of Electronic Relentless Disseminators

I understand the branding aspect, but isn’t it just a little bit weird that we create cute icons to represent social media sites?  Isn’t it sort of like telling people that they can connect with their friends through this site, but just in case they don’t have friends–here’s a new one!  it looks like a bird–sort of. Electronika looks like ... Read More »


To the best of my understanding we have technology that can block cell phones in movie theaters.  Why are we not using it?  Why not just install it into every theater in the country?  By law? I’ve heard the arguments against such tech.  Perhaps someone really needs to be available?  Honestly, if you’re so important you can’t be out of ... Read More »