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Eighth Commandment

I’m always amused by the arguments people make to avoid saying they stole. They were “inspired by” or “paying homage to.” They “borrowed liberally” or “copyright infringed,” but they never stole. I know (before you reply with a thousand comments) that there are differences, but at the end of the day you’re playing semantics. Did you take something (including a ... Read More »

Sixth Commandment

There’s an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry and George discuss whether Superman also has super humor abilities. George notes that if he did, wouldn’t they have mentioned it at some point? I wonder the same thing about Jesus. ↓ TranscriptJABEZ: Rick, what do you think is meant by the sixth commandment? "Thou shalt not kill." JESUS: Good evening, folks. I ... Read More »

Third Commandment

The biggest concern with this strip was how many comments would we get from readers pointing out that nuns didn’t exist in Jesus’ time? If you’re one of those people preparing a proper thrashing for us, please don’t. It’s just a joke. Perhaps not even a funny one. We like these strips where there’s little dialogue, but it can be ... Read More »