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String Cheese


The two of us used to have a roommate who was obsessed with string cheese.…

Helicopter Parents


Helicopter parents are a real threat. More and more I hear stories of parents calling…

Party Mix


I think the secret to running a successful bar or club is entirely in being…

Look Away From the Light


I’d like to believe the complexity and ingenuity of class pranks increased with the course…

1 Girl 2 Cups


↓ TranscriptP1 walking out of bathroom, AMANDA on computer or couch JIMMY: Ugh, you left one of your bras hanging in the shower. AMANDA: So? P2 JIMMY: I know this is your place and all, but could you move it? AMANDA: Guys spend years trying to see our bras and suddenly you’re nervous when I’m

Perils of Netflix


I’m honestly shocked that there isn’t more social media integration in Netflix right now. Then…

Batman Versus Bain


Of course, there’s something funny about Bain being a homonym with Bane right now for…

Smoke Bombs


It’s interesting the wide array of fireworks people will buy simply because they’re being sold…

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