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Halo New Direction

A new focus couldn’t hurt. After all, there’s a serious lack of video game comics online, already. Yes, someone will now try to comment and correct that last statement. Sigh. Anyway, happy new year to all our readers. All three of you. ↓ TranscriptJUSTIN: For the new year I think Professor Hobo needs a new direction. DAVID: Better writing? JUSTIN: ... Read More »


I’m not sure having one really skinny arm would be that useful, but I suppose entire X-Men have been based around being able to manipulate the size of your body. So yeah, if I had any control over it, being able to change the thickness of my arm might be useful. ↓ TranscriptJUSTIN: Hey David, I wrote a great strip ... Read More »

To Write and Draw

Our annual tradition of doing a fourth-wall strip continues. We actually get a great deal of enjoyment out of Professor Hobo, but try not to take it too seriously. It’s a little amusing the number of people who do. Enjoy the new year, and maybe a little bit of Professor Hobo. ↓ TranscriptJUSTIN: Well David, it was another fun filled ... Read More »

Fourth Wall Resolutions

Okay, so fine.  David does look incredibly mean in this strip and Justin looks like the cartoon from a Sunday School pamphlet.  And yes, this is sort of a pity us with a laugh kind of joke.  It’s the holidays—lay off! This strip marks the end of the fourth season of Professor Hobo and the beginning of the new fifth ... Read More »