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24 Variables

More educational videos should actually work like this. Sadly, Sesame Street is the only educational show that seems to have any sense of humor about itself. ↓ TranscriptMAN: We found the bomb. Now, which wire do I cut? WOMAN: It says you'll know which wire to cut, based on the value of "X". TV: God, why didn't I pay attention ... Read More »

Third Cousin Twice Removed

I notice that whenever someone begins talking about their extended family they either state things like third cousin twice removed with the kind of confidence that would make you think they had a doctorate in familial relationships, or they stutter their way through with a look of desperate hope that someone might know better than them their own family. I ... Read More »

Don’t Know Much About Algebra

It never ceases to amaze most teachers how bad their students are at basic math concepts.  They’ll present all sorts of examples of flawed logic when it comes to their grades.  Have a D at midterm and make a B the second half?  That must mean a C for the final, right? In the third panel has Trey completely lost ... Read More »