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Driving to Class

Wake up. Walk out of dorm and find car in parking lot. Drive around campus to entrance nearest building. Find parking spot. Walk to class. Or simply walk to class. Nine times out of ten the latter option is not only healthier, but faster. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Did you drive to class? BILLY: Yep! Breaking all the rules. MEGAN: But why? ... Read More »

Women in Video Games

These types of discussions are always fun, because everyone ends up feeling judged. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: So what does the representation of women in video games tell us about the cultural portrayal of femininity? TREY: Just because women in video games are all hot and barely clothed doesn't change how I feel! MEGAN: Really? TREY: Stop judging me! Read More »

Future Tense Email

One valid concern about a digital age is that everything we say and do while we’re young may forever be preserved. Without an ability to truly reinvent yourself, you may forever be stuck in the state of being you were at the end of high school. Then again, that was a problem for some people before the digital revolution. ↓ ... Read More »

Because It’s There

I love technology, but I feel like sometimes I lose sight of it serving me and I begin serving it. I set up elaborate schemes just to prove to myself that I can, instead of it actually serving any real world purpose. I do this too often. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Trey, why are you always the first person to comment on ... Read More »

My Phone Is Bigger

There is certainly some appeal in variety of phone sizes. Still, the market has gone a little loopy with people carrying around seven inch phones. I’m not really sure of the appeal. I think I’d prefer an old fashioned flip phone and a tablet at that point, but maybe I’m missing something. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Check it, I got another new ... Read More »

A Spoonful of Preparation

I love technology, but sometimes I find myself spending more time setting up technology and doing neat things with it as tech, than actually using it for something practical. I also notice students do this. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Megan, check it! I digitized all my notes and synched them up with the audio lectures from class! RICK: I've even got them ... Read More »

Flattering Big Brother

Yeah, there is something to be said for using your oppressor’s tools in order to undermine them, but really, we all know this is a bit silly. The government is many things, but entirely useless is not one of them. ↓ TranscriptJABEZ: I just posted on Facebook to let everyone know how sick I am of our socialist government! MEGAN: ... Read More »

Google Glass App

Google Glass is really cool technology without yet a killer app to make everyone rush out to buy one, even after they drop from their current $1,500 price tag. I assume someone will come up with one, but honestly even then I can’t imagine them every becoming as ubiquitous as smartphones. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: I need you to write a Google ... Read More »

Optimist’s Guide to Dating

I suppose this isn’t an entirely unhealthy response to rejection, assuming one isn’t living in total denial. And in this case, Trey is definitely in denial. ↓ TranscriptTREY: I'd like to have sex with you. MEGAN: Um, no. But we can be friends. TREY: I'll take it! TREY: That other girl said no one would ever want to be friends ... Read More »

Award Exchange

There are a lot of young people with boxes full of awards hidden away in their parents’ basement. This is but one humble suggestion of what to do with them. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Welcome to our award exchange! HOBO: What is it? AMANDA: Our generation was so inundated with awards growing up for everything we did, that now we have a ... Read More »