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Science Mumbo Jumbo

Mock climate change deniers, mention God, and make everyone angry all in one strip! Seriously, there are simply some truths that are bewildering to see people still in denial over. The recent backlash against birth control is so strange. Unless you’re a family of twenty with your own reality show, pretty much every family in America uses birth control. This ... Read More »

Meet Benjy

I would love to attend a convention that pays equal parts attention to The Sound and The Fury, Lost, and Benji the dog. Alas, I suppose we all can dream. Seriously though, once you get down to the second or third tier of comic conventions, the “guests” can get quite disappointing. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Since we couldn't go to Comic-Con last ... Read More »

Introduction to Literary Theory

As with many things in life, a fight between two English nerds begins to sound an awful lot like a Pokemon match after a while. I’m not quite sure why that is, but I guess the glorified game of rock, paper, scissors is part of the charm of the Pokemon franchise. Also, literary theory taken out of context really sounds ... Read More »

Santa Claws

Christmas is wonderful, but it sure is stressful with all kinds of things that can go horribly wrong. One such thing that can go horribly wrong is dressing your pets up for the holidays. It isn’t that anything in particular will happen, but it’s more that you simply never should do this. Just like most people should only play Dance ... Read More »

First Snow

This is a pretty disgusting joke, but that’s okay. We only do truly disgusting jokes rarely. Meanwhile, it isn’t the first snow but the first substantial one here for the season. People seem to go crazy about snow. Either they run to the store to stock up like it’s the apocalypse, or they enter some sort of bizarre trance-like state ... Read More »

Interstate Highway System

People behave crazily on the highway. I’m sure this comes as no shock to most people, but driving over the holidays can prove to be a rude awakening to those who have forgotten. I understand nobody wants to be stuck behind someone in the left lane that is riding their brake, but some people seem to be confused and believe ... Read More »

Black Friday 3

People are always real defensive over horror films until they start seriously talking about them. Then suddenly, with the reality of the countless sequels in their face, they cave. The truth is, as Scream put it, most horror sequels suck. This is no revelation to most of you, yet somehow the countless sequels still prove profitable. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: I can't ... Read More »

Occupy Wall Street

This is how I often feel with students. I know they’re not entirely listening at any given moment, but what surprises me is that they’re not listening to people other than me. So something like Occupy Wall Street doesn’t even register when I say it because they’ve heard it somewhere else before. At least I don’t personally feel as bad. ... Read More »


I find a lot of tech amazing. Things like e-book readers (Kindle, Nook) and smartphones (iPhone, Android) are amazing pieces of technology. The fact that they more closely resemble STar Trek than any tech I grew up with is pretty cool. Still, to hear some people extoll the virtues of these products you’d think they’d make you a nice smoothie ... Read More »

Fried Chicken

I generally finish most of the food on my plate at restaurants. That hasn’t stopped some waitstaff from yelling at me for leaving some food behind. THey always assume you hate the food. Of course, equally plausible is that you simply weren’t as hungry as the portion. Well, plausible to everyone but them. ↓ TranscriptWAITER: You didn't finish your chicken! ... Read More »