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Define Symbolism

Defining literary terms is always easier using pop culture examples. THe problem is that sometimes students have trouble focussing on the actual example, and get caught up in the fact that it’s a reference to Harry Potter. On second thought, perhaps it isn’t easier, but I perceive it as so because I’d love any shortcut. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Professor, why does ... Read More »

Defining Nostalgia

You know another good show they cancelled? Drive. Sure, it wasn’t great after the six or so episodes that actually aired, but it showed the promise of being pretty good. Maybe there should be a sort of majors and minors of network programming? If you do well on NBC you get to stay, but if you struggle they demote you ... Read More »

I Remember When

There’s certainly a disturbing loop one can find themselves in when being nostalgic about the cycle of life (or circle, for you Lion King fans…which should be everyone). This is why food is probably best consumer and discussed in two separate settings. Don’t worry about it once you start eating. It’s pretty much a locomotive that can’t be stopped at ... Read More »

Rapture Questions and Activities

Rapture predictions do bring up a lot of questions. Such simples ones as–why? Why predict something that everyone will know you are wrong about almost immediately? What’s the point? Either you truly believe it, or else what’s the end game? Hoping a lot of people will repent last minute “just in case”? Does “just in case” even count in God’s ... Read More »

The Power of Vague

Vague Facebook status updates just about ruin it for me. Even worse, some people I really like are the worst offenders. Look, if it’s too personal to post about in any detail, then it’s probably too personal to post about even vaguely. Not everything has to be shared. Except crabs. You should probably let others know you’re afflicted. For safety ... Read More »

Very Simple Final

Final exams are a pain for both students and professors. For students, they are a week of stress with each compounding the other. For professors, they’re a mad dash to grade before grades are due. I suspect this system might function better. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Your final exam is very simple. Write down everything we discussed on the fourth day of ... Read More »

Women Versus Nude News

There’s always something funny to me when people completely miss the point of a complaint. I think most of the time them “missing” the complaint is simply a cover story, but regardless, I find humor in the situation. No, we’re not saying that the concerns of women should be mocked. Wee’re making fun of Mr. Mittens and those not quite ... Read More »

Easter Tragedy

People say things like this are sick and twisted of parents to do, but look what a valuable lesson has stuck with Rick all these years? Maybe more holidays should be spiked with a good after-school bit or moralizing in as disturbing a manner as possible. What horrible ways could you teach kids to chew with their mouths closed? ↓ ... Read More »


It would be hard to be a pirate these days. If the French military isn’t chasing you off the coast of Africa, apparently all the artists of the world collectively hate you. I wonder if that means Johnny Depp is full of self-loathing? ↓ TranscriptSCREEN: You wouldn't download a badger...FIGHT PIRACY! RICK: I pledge my life to fighting piracy! PIRATE: ... Read More »

An Interesting Proposal

There’s always an awkward moment when people flirt with someone more or less cool than themselves. It breaks one of the fundamental laws of the universe, and you can simply pray that the reverberations from it don’t destroy us all. In other words? If you know what Doctor Who is, don’t try flirting with people who don’t. ↓ TranscriptTREY: Hey ... Read More »