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Slasher Films

Unfortunately the first half of this strip is not a joke.  Watch those old slasher films again and you start to get the distinct impression that they’re all about dirty old men.  So, they’re films about dirty old men preying on teenage girls that we send our teenage girls to go enjoy as entertainment.  Makes even the cheesy slasher films ... Read More »

The Problem With A Machete

Nothing is as easy as it looks, especially if you’re the one who does it and you’re talking to others who have no idea.  I think it probably is taken for granted what athletes, while supernatural, Freddy and Jason likely are.  They really get a workout when the body count tops twenty. Megan as Pinhead seemed fitting, as Pinhead is ... Read More »


Have you ever been to an art show?  They’re fairly similar to homeless shelters, but without as good of food.  That being said, there aren’t usually too many homeless people at them.  Art museums, on the other hand, give you your own homeless person to escort you through the exhibits.  It’s useful. Why does Professor Hobo not turn at the art exhibit?  I’m afraid out ... Read More »


I don’t personally hate PowerPoint.  The truth is, we’ve had so few meaningful interactions that it’s difficult for me to draw any real conclusions about our relationship.  Instead, PowerPoint and I exist in a nebulous cloud of undeterminable status.  It is both tragic and forgettable, at once. Now, please bear with me for my 40 slide presentation which will approximately ... Read More »

Don’t Choke Me

Being dirty without being dirty is sort of…dirty.  Anyway, it’s amazing the crazy reasons people come up with to be anti something.  There are perfectly good reasons to be against smoking, but the rhetoric surrounding it often devolves into paranoid hallucinations.  Fun times. Why are Amanda and Megan anti-smoking?  Why not?  They’re routinely our only characters with any sense of ... Read More »

Rough Language

Everyone’s been in this situation where what you think you heard is so incredibly dirty you look to others around you to see if they heard the same thing.  It’s an uncomfortable few moments where you’re deciding if you should laugh, or perhaps shake your head in scorn.  Either way, you don’t want to jump the gun just in case ... Read More »

Pizza Pizza

So, here’s an interesting conundrum.  Is this joke funny, or is it just mean?  There’s certainly a delicate balance to be walked there, but we don’t think it goes too far.  Regardless, the impetus for this joke stems from David’s days as a pizza delivery guy.  In fact, there’s probably a whole spin-off comic strip just waiting to be given ... Read More »


JUSTIN:  coming soon OFTEN MISSED:  coming soon APPEARING: Professor Hobo Evil Beard Rick Trey Mr. Mittens Amanda Megan Read More »