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Ten Films You May Have Overlooked In 2012

The Golden Globes are airing while I type this (though on no TV of mine), and the Academy Awards are coming up in a few short weeks. Given that, I thought I would take some time to highlight a few films you may have overlooked in 2012. These are, for the most part, not big Hollywood films. However, many are ... Read More »

Secession Deception

I can’t imagine anyone is serious about secession except for the truly mentally diluted. I assume for most this is a very public way of throwing a hissy fit that they lost the election. It’s the equivalent of liberals who were angry about Bush so they fled to Canada to start new lives serving donuts at TIm Hortons. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: ... Read More »

Summer Movies

Adam Sandler–how the mighty have fallen! It’s not that Sandler ever exactly made great films, but at least they were entertaining at one point. Now he doesn’t even appear to try, which is always sad with any artist (if you can call Sandler such). It would be fun if occasionally he still tried to do a real movie in between ... Read More »

Great Gift for Any Occasion

This strip stemmed from actually seeing the first panel message in a movie theatre. I get the sentiment, but like with many things, when taken to its logical conclusion it just seems silly. However, if I just lost a loved one, then maybe a movie would cheer me up? Probably not The Hunger Games, though. ↓ TranscriptMOVIE SCREEN: Movie gift ... Read More »

Who Can See Drive

If you’re unaware, a woman really is suing the distributors of Drive because she thought it looked like another Fast and Furious type film. It’s not. While I might have some qualms with Drive, make no mistake about what kind of film it is. It’s an art house film with very light trappings of a car chase film. Still, who ... Read More »

Dialogue, Katherine Heigl, and Seth Rogen

I may have been a little bitter when I wrote this strip. This weekend I saw 50/50 starring Seth Rogen. I could have done with 50% less Seth Rogen in the film. Before the movie even began I had to watch a trailer for Katherine Heil’s new film, One for the Money. It’s a trailer so bad you assume someone ... Read More »