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The Bird of the Baskervilles

The argument to cut PBS funding when there are so many more wasteful programs in line ahead of it makes the whole idea seem a bit petty. Can its budget be reduced? Can PBS do more for itself? Probably. But commercial-free programming for children is a good thing in this world. Even with no kids, I am happy to pay ... Read More »

Facebook Stalkers

Facebook is already creepy enough. Introduce anything related to dating or sex and the creepiness factor is multiplied. Introduce death and, well, you have this strip. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: Ugh, this creep keeps asking me out on Facebook! MITTENS: Allow me. AMANDA: I'm dead. It was tragic and fairly grisly. Sorry if I don't return your text. AMANDA: Did you get ... Read More »

Outdated Technology

I love when new technologies like Kinect tell me they are simplifying television by allowing me to yell at it. I suppose angry confrontation is the simplest form of communication, but I always thought my television and I had a more refined relationship. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Why is my TV and everything in the garbage outside? MITTENS: It was outdated, so ... Read More »

Slipped the Surly Bonds of Earth

While Curiosity might make for a great scientific achievement, there is a part of me far more interested in what people will find to protest about it. People get mad over everything, and their furor is usually quite entertaining. Has a good TV program ever capitalized off this? Perhaps Jerry Springer? Regardless, congrats to NASA and the team behind Curiosity. ... Read More »

Alien Fireworks

I’d like to think that if aliens did decide to invade that they’d first study us and learn about our culture. Then if they did invade us on the fourth of July, it would be for ironic purposes of enslaving us on our Independence Day. Of course, the timing wouldn’t be so much fun for the rest of the world. ... Read More »

Event Planning

Whenever I am around my mom and her friends they discuss the obituaries with such authority. Not only do they know many of the people (at least by some third degree familiarity), but it often leads to a discussion of the dwindling number of people they went to high school with. They are not that old. I assume this desire ... Read More »

Bird Watching

My youngest cat sits and watches birds for hours. I realized the other day that I cared more about her entertainment than actually feeding the birds. Does this make me a horrible person? Sure, but not this alone. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: Why do you feed the birds? HOBO: So you have something to watch out the window. MITTENS: So the birds ... Read More »

The Postman Always Delivers Twice

This is one of those strips where it isn’t always clear how to transition the audience from the first two panels to the punchline in the third. You just have to lay enough clues and hope the connection is clear. In public service warning news, please don’t take this as advocation of violence against the postal service. They’re fine men ... Read More »

The Politics of The Hunger Games

We didn’t even get through the first weekend of release before people started weighing in on the politics behind the smash hit THe Hunger Games. I suppose this shouldn’t surprise anyone, but I found it both amusing and sad. People can somehow co-op any message to be about their particular cause. Trust me, Donald Duck has a lot to say ... Read More »

Mocking Student Writing

I always like the idea of really elaborate schemes to teach simple lessons. It’s sort of the whole sitcom mentality where an adult character creates an elaborate setup for a Halloween episode all just to teach the kids to listen to their parents, or drink milk…I forget which. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: I've been going over some inter-office emails and I noticed ... Read More »