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Congressional Hearing

Senator Horse is the senator from the great state of Kentucky. Just in case you were wondering. In other news, no this strip is not advocating violence of any kind. ↓ TranscriptSENATOR HORSE: You've been brought before this congressional hearing to testify to your dealings with illegals. Is it true that you would stuff as many as possible into the ... Read More »


In case you’re wondering, USCIS stands for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. I’m sure you didn’t know this, just as I didn’t. I still thought the department was called INS. If someone burst in and shouted this at me I would be clueless what I was being busted for. ↓ TranscriptUSCIS 1: Put down the illegal fireworks! This is a ... Read More »


Here’s an interesting dilema: who do you root for in this strip? The old lady is obviously nuts, but Dr. Klownus and Mr. Mittens are obviously jerks, and also evil if you read this comic on a regular basis. This might make a good argument for strategic nuclear strikes. ↓ TranscriptPROTESTOR: You're ruining the 4th of July with these illegals! ... Read More »

Illegal Fireworks

The pursuit of illegal fireworks has always amused me. Nearly every state has fireworks stores right on the border with another state. The idea being that one state allows sales of fireworks that the other doesn’t. But how can this be? Shouldn’t there be one state that doesn’t care if your kid blows his arm off, but all the others ... Read More »

The Power of the Sun

My cat will risk its very life among nieces and nephews running wild just to get some sun through a window. It’s like every cat is Superman desperately trying to be recharged by the sun’s rays. At least, I wish my cat had super powers. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: I added a solarium onto the place. Only without the glass. Read More »

Let the Cat Out

Anyone with a cat has experience with this phenomenon. Why do they do it? I assume cats’ brains are uniquely wired so they’re in constant flux between short and long-term memory. How else could one explain forgetting taped episodes of Pawn Stars? Well, probably many ways. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: Let me out! Come on, hurry up! Let me out of here! ... Read More »

Night of the Housecat

Some nights my cat goes through all three of these stages. Most of the time, however, how my cat sleeps on me is a pretty good indication of how it feels that particular night. The third panel title pretty much sums up how we both feel with that positioning. Cats are not kind bed buddies. ↓ TranscriptTITLE: Comfortable TITLE: Slightly ... Read More »

Exotic Cats for Sale

I actually own a cat that resembles a lemur. There’s not much point to you knowing that, except I think I could potentially pass it off as one to a really stupid person. I think doing the opposite might also be possible. Also, lemurs are cute and this is kind of a mean comic since we never actually show you ... Read More »

What You Can Learn From a Cat

Commencement speeches are rarely profound, so it actually might be worthwhile to bring in a sassy cat. Of course, a hobo might be of use. Or, for that matter, basically anyone who could keep their comments to under ten minutes. Better yet, just get rid of commencement speeches and have plenty of pie as a reward for graduates. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: ... Read More »

How to Fix a Dip in Ratings

I know it’s a well known trope by this point, but I find great enjoyment in finding the moment the producers of a show gave up. It’s usually the point where they replace a major character, or try introducing a new major character. Some shows, like Married with Children, try this and almost instantly give up realizing what a bad ... Read More »