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Google Glass App

Google Glass is really cool technology without yet a killer app to make everyone rush out to buy one, even after they drop from their current $1,500 price tag. I assume someone will come up with one, but honestly even then I can’t imagine them every becoming as ubiquitous as smartphones. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: I need you to write a Google ... Read More »

What Women Want

A lot of people get up in arms about what Google can discover from your search history. I think they mostly discover the majority of us are fairly boring. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Jimmy, check it! We rigged the library computers to log users' search and site history, tag it with their campus ID, and email us the logs! JIMMY: What's the ... Read More »

Resist Passing Judgement

People really should be less judgmental. But sometimes you just know. ↓ TranscriptNERD: Hi there, I'm a computer science major! BILLY: Ugh... NERD: You know, you should really resist passing judgement on people before you know them! You might be surprised! BILLY: I just knew you were the kind of ass who'd say something like that. Read More »

Nation of Electronic Relentless Disseminators

I understand the branding aspect, but isn’t it just a little bit weird that we create cute icons to represent social media sites?  Isn’t it sort of like telling people that they can connect with their friends through this site, but just in case they don’t have friends–here’s a new one!  it looks like a bird–sort of. Electronika looks like ... Read More »