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The Importance of Being Batman

I always feel this way when someone starts telling me the importance of some video game or movie. Sure, many are culturally significant, but rarely are they as important to the world as they are to the individual. And usually even then they’re not nearly as important to that person as they at first believe. In other news, that guy ... Read More »

Never Submit to SOPA

Today Wikipedia is going dark along with Reddit and many other sites to protest SOPA and PIPA. Both are bills hoping to protect intellectual property owners, but you likely already know all of this. Censorship is never the right answer. By the way, some conventions that attract, umm, nerdy types have started to ask them to bathe and wear deodorant. ... Read More »

Meet Benjy

I would love to attend a convention that pays equal parts attention to The Sound and The Fury, Lost, and Benji the dog. Alas, I suppose we all can dream. Seriously though, once you get down to the second or third tier of comic conventions, the “guests” can get quite disappointing. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Since we couldn't go to Comic-Con last ... Read More »