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Fast Food Physics

Remembering that a situation could always be worse is pretty good advice. It helps prevents situations like this where you complain to someone who actually does have it worse. I’m not saying this is autobiographical or anything, but this pretty much happens to me at least once a week. I should shut up. There’s just something funny to me about ... Read More »

Physics Is Important

This is a continuation of our Fox executive storyline.  It adds valuable back story to the second panel, though it works without it all the same.  While we certainly have nothing against universities offering classes students might actually want to take, there comes a point.  Children love dentists who treat them with candy and ice cream. This marks only the ... Read More »

Temporal Physics

This strip always amused us as it was the first strip the newspaper ever ran a footnote with. A footnote for what, you may ask? To explain what temporal physics was. In fact, it so baffled the staff (with the apparent exception of the Editor-in-Chief) that the footnote contained a web site that readers could visit to read up more ... Read More »