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Political Heroics

The media loves to give a name to everything and then overuse those names. Every battle in Congress suddenly becomes an event. This used to be true with CNN and major events like wars. They’d even have their own theme music. Now it’s everything from school shooting to budget battles. There’s something quite unsettling about everything being treated as a ... Read More »

What If Obama Wins

While this might seem silly to half the population, to the other half this seems like a very useful promotional tool for their cause. Don’t worry, we’ll be back with Mitt Romney. ↓ TranscriptTITLE: What if Obama wins? TITLE: Minorities will run rampant. RICK: There's no where for me to sit...and I'm a white male! TITLE: Businesses will be under ... Read More »

Convention Politics

Sometimes it seems government is complicated simply for the sake of being complicated. If no one can figure out how it’s working, then maybe no one will be able to ask any questions. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: I don't understand this convention. Didn't people already vote for this guy? HOBO: Yes and no. They voted to elect other people to go vote ... Read More »

Law Abiding Citizen

If you listen closely to politics, you’ll start to notice both sides some time ago bought the same record and just keep playing it over and over again about their personal issues. Very little new is ever brought to the table. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: Maybe we should have stricter gun laws? REDNECK: Stricter gun laws only affect me--the law abiding gun ... Read More »

Batman Versus Bain

Of course, there’s something funny about Bain being a homonym with Bane right now for Mitt Romney. I’m sure a different company name would seem like a good idea in hindsight. The fact that all of this is sort of blowing up at the moment with The Dark Knight Rises opening this Friday and its plot apparently focussing on income ... Read More »

The Politics of The Hunger Games

We didn’t even get through the first weekend of release before people started weighing in on the politics behind the smash hit THe Hunger Games. I suppose this shouldn’t surprise anyone, but I found it both amusing and sad. People can somehow co-op any message to be about their particular cause. Trust me, Donald Duck has a lot to say ... Read More »

Kryptonite Crosses and Unicorn Tears

At this point, I’m not even sure people care who gets the Republican nomination for President. I think a large majority of people are just being entertained by the best series on television this year. You have plot twists with Herman Cain, and emotional breakdowns with Rick Perry. You have the straight man in Mitt Romney, and the crazy uncle ... Read More »

Community College Comedy

The long and winding road has finally brought Alpha and Beta back. In case you’re super confused as to who these characters are, they originated in our very early comic strips as a sort of rebuff of university censorship. I’ve actually never taken a college class in comedy. I assume some literature programs offer them, but outside of that do ... Read More »