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MOOC Justification

MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are very trendy in higher education right now. Like most trends, the excitement will likely die down and they’ll eventually find a useful spot in education. Still, right now there’s an awful lot of people trying to justify their existence. ↓ TranscriptBEARD: A MOOC? How am I supposed to teach an online class to ten ... Read More »

The Simplicity of Email

Universities are very skilled at taking very simple technology and making it unbearably complicated. I’m not sure why, but I have my suspicions. ↓ TranscriptBEARD: Why does it take fifteen clicks to access our email through the web? HOBO: You'd think we could type in one address and be there. STEVE: Sir, faculty complaints have dropped by forty percent! CZAR: ... Read More »

Crash and Burn

The world needs more optimists. Mole and Troll always look on the sunny side. Unfortunately, I think too many people in real life also take this perspective toward doing their jobs poorly. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: We spent millions buying new computers and they're all crashing! CZAR: Even when they work, the Wi-Fi is down! What does I.T. have to say for ... Read More »

Digital Natives

I love tech buzz words, but even better are education-related tech buzz words–like digital natives. I know it’s supposed to mean that the younger generation has grown up with computers, but nobody can ever actually explain what that means for anything. It’s sort of like calling everyone else alive today automobile natives. So what? ↓ TranscriptCZAR: We need to remember ... Read More »

Brand New iPhone

I’m very excited for the new iPhone…assuming it really has this invisible feature. I love gadgets, but in truth my interest in new phones has dropped off considerably. Most new features seem simply bigger screens or slightly snappier processors. It’s been a while since a new feature really impressed me. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: I accidentally replied to all of campus with ... Read More »

You Kant Do That On Television

This is one you have to read aloud to yourself. Still not working? Try a different pronunciation. Still a no go? Fine–we failed. We Kant do anything right. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: How did you get your job back, again? CZAR: I promised them this new software would grade student essays. CZAR: Now, we can fire all the composition adjuncts. It can ... Read More »

Free Range Chicken

I once stood in line behind a couple at Dairy Queen who had about 20 questions about the shrimp they were considering ordering. It’s fast food people. I doubt the 16-year-old kid has any idea. If you care that much, go to a nice restaurant. ↓ TranscriptMOTHER: Does your chicken contain hormones? CZAR: Your guess is as good as mine. ... Read More »

Chicken Strips Vs. Chicken Tenders

Chicken strips, chicken tenders, boneless chicken wings, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, etc. I assume are all the same thing. I know the argument is probably that they come from different parts of the chicken, but since I don’t know what part of a chicken is the “popcorn” I’m going to assume it’s all just a ruse. ↓ TranscriptGRANDMA: I'd like ... Read More »

Fry Cook

Doing any job well requires some level of expertise and professionalism, but some jobs have basic rules that you absolutely must abide by. I imagine fry cook is one such job. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Since the Board of Regents fired me, I need a new job. BILLY: What do you know about being a fry cook? CZAR: I assume don't dip ... Read More »

Board of Regents

People who want to be in charge of education always seem to have the smallest clue about education. They want to buy themselves respectability, rather than earn it. This usually bodes poorly for actual educating. ↓ TranscriptREGENT: I'm sorry President Czar, but I and the other members of the Board of Regents have decided to fire you. CZAR: Fire me? ... Read More »