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Strike Buster

Remember kids, it’s okay if you commit senseless violence–as long as you learned something. There should be more after school specials with such messages. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: I've brought in a professional strike buster to end these teacher protests. MITTENS: I aim to misbehave. ED MAJOR: Are you here to join our protest? MITTENS: Sure, you lead and I'll follow right ... Read More »

Physics Is Important

This is a continuation of our Fox executive storyline.  It adds valuable back story to the second panel, though it works without it all the same.  While we certainly have nothing against universities offering classes students might actually want to take, there comes a point.  Children love dentists who treat them with candy and ice cream. This marks only the ... Read More »

New Registrar

Poor Fox.  It’s easy to take shots at them, but for a moment might we truly question what horrible force infects an entire television network that would force it to cancel top quality programming?  Nah, it’s probably just easier to take shots at them. President Czar seems to be desperate these days.  I think this is how most executives function—in ... Read More »