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10K Race

This sort of logic can make anything seem easy. If you really want to enjoy someone, try this with their chosen field. Sure, it’ll make you a huge jerk, but that was likely true already, right? ↓ TranscriptJIMMY: I'm thinking of running this 10K race. AMANDA: You? You've never run before in your life. JIMMY: How hard can it be? ... Read More »

Calves of intolerable cruelty

I just removed a pack of ice from my lower leg. While normally this might be part of my “Attract Single Eskimo Women Night” plans, unfortunately tonight it was part of my “Ouch, Ouch, Stop Hurting Every Time I Apply Pressure” plan. While less fun, my wife seems to approve of the latter (might I add, more punishing) plan. I ... Read More »