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Customer Loyalty Card

I always assume there’s a nefarious motive behind everything, and then an even more secret, more nefarious purpose behind that. It makes shopping a real psychological pain. ↓ TranscriptCASHIER: Do you have your customer card? HOBO: What is the point of that thing? To track everything I buy? CASHIER: Nah, we can do that with your credit card. HOBO: So ... Read More »

PC Jesus

I assume this is the type of comic that very well might make both the religious and non-religious mad at us, and neither entirely sure why. Anyway, I like the idea of religion seeping into weirdly inappropriate places, like the naming of software. This can never end well. ↓ TranscriptTREY: We call our new backup software "PC Jesus" because it's ... Read More »

Cheap Website Hits

I love that Billy and Trey are learning the real lessons of the Internet and not something silly like quality content. Who needs that? Obviously not this site. ↓ TranscriptSCIENCE: And what are you doing for your website? TREY: I'm making a website of lists without any actual real content. Basically I just want cheap hits. BILLY: "10 Words People ... Read More »

24 Variables

More educational videos should actually work like this. Sadly, Sesame Street is the only educational show that seems to have any sense of humor about itself. ↓ TranscriptMAN: We found the bomb. Now, which wire do I cut? WOMAN: It says you'll know which wire to cut, based on the value of "X". TV: God, why didn't I pay attention ... Read More »

Siri On Steroids

Really smart people choose to go to all sorts of colleges. But beware the doctor who got into their safety school and still finished near the bottom of their class. ↓ TranscriptNERD 1: Thanks to our software update, Westin here can answer any question a student asks him. He's like Siri on steroids. But smarter. And actually kind of useful. ... Read More »

Look Away From the Light

I’d like to believe the complexity and ingenuity of class pranks increased with the course difficulty. Alas, this is usually not the case. ↓ TranscriptJIMMY: Professor, could you point out which equation you're talking about? SCIENCE: Fine, I'll just use my laser pointer here... SCIENCE: Oh dear... SCIENCE: And that is why you never point a laserpointer at someone's eye ... Read More »

We Can Send A Man to the Moon

People love to put down the fields of others. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s all about ego and all, but honestly it just seems bizarre at times. Anyone halfway intelligent can see the difficulty in fields not their own, and they also wouldn’t be so insecure about their intellect. Which makes it a fun quick tipoff of someone’s insecurity when ... Read More »

Games to Meet Women

No, we’re not simply making fun of video game players. There’s just always something funny about someone creating an elaborate solution to a problem, but the basic problem still prevents the solution from working. This happens all the time in companies, At the local zoo, for example, they had a cockroach problem in their rain forest exhibit. So they brought ... Read More »

Carbon Dioxide Sexy Time

Science classes would probably grab more student attention if they were put into the terms of a soap opera. I’ll leave it to you to think of your own dirty science spinoff of Downton Abbey. Aren’t the elements in the first panel kind of cute? Except for Nitrogen, what’s up with that guy? ↓ TranscriptC: Hey boys, don't wait up! ... Read More »

Global Warming Evolves

There’s always something funny about a polar bear mauling someone. Anyway, truth is that if polar bears could fight back, we’d all take global warming more seriously. Since they can’t, people will continue driving tank-like-SUVs with the argument that they “need it.” Obviously our educational system has failed in teaching the difference between wants and needs. Our churches haven’t done ... Read More »