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We Can Send A Man to the Moon

People love to put down the fields of others. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s all about ego and all, but honestly it just seems bizarre at times. Anyone halfway intelligent can see the difficulty in fields not their own, and they also wouldn’t be so insecure about their intellect. Which makes it a fun quick tipoff of someone’s insecurity when ... Read More »

Carbon Dioxide Sexy Time

Science classes would probably grab more student attention if they were put into the terms of a soap opera. I’ll leave it to you to think of your own dirty science spinoff of Downton Abbey. Aren’t the elements in the first panel kind of cute? Except for Nitrogen, what’s up with that guy? ↓ TranscriptC: Hey boys, don't wait up! ... Read More »

Science Mumbo Jumbo

Mock climate change deniers, mention God, and make everyone angry all in one strip! Seriously, there are simply some truths that are bewildering to see people still in denial over. The recent backlash against birth control is so strange. Unless you’re a family of twenty with your own reality show, pretty much every family in America uses birth control. This ... Read More »

Dinosaurs are the best prank ever

What if dinosaurs were just a prank? No, this is not some Creationist ranting, but a genuine question about our Jurassic buddies. Have you ever seen a dinosaur? In a museum? Those aren’t real dinosaurs–they’re just bones! And most of the time they’re not even the real bones but castings of the supposed actual bones. It’s not a fair question, ... Read More »