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Student Loan Repayment Plan

I’ve always figured if you take very educated young people and give them an insurmountable challenge (repaying student loans), someone would figure out a way around it–or at least a manner in which to exploit it. Yes, the listed method here wouldn’t work. It’s a joke. Don’t try this stuff at home, kids. ↓ TranscriptHORSE: Congratulations young man. Any plans ... Read More »

Commencement Address

I’ve attended several graduations, and this is unfortunately how most of them go. THis should not come as a surprise, seeing as how we don’t generally choose commencement speakers based on their oratory skills, but instead based off life achievement. This is sort of like choosing a relief pitcher based off who has the best hair. ↓ TranscriptHORSE: Class of ... Read More »

Mom and Mom

There is something weird about people claiming something will undermine the sanctity of marriage when they themselves are on their third or fourth marriage. Surely anyone can have problems in a marriage, but it’s just that these people are usually the source of all the problems in their marriage. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Senator Horse, we're so happy you could deliver our ... Read More »

Illegals of a Different Sort

I like the word alien and its many connotations in modern use. Illegal aliens, little green men aliens, alien object present in the body…okay, that last one was a little weird. But trust me, if you’ve ever watched Bones or CSI you’ve heard that phrase. ↓ TranscriptSENATOR HORSE: So you admit to dealings with illegals? KLOWNUS: We admit nothing!! This ... Read More »

Congressional Hearing

Senator Horse is the senator from the great state of Kentucky. Just in case you were wondering. In other news, no this strip is not advocating violence of any kind. ↓ TranscriptSENATOR HORSE: You've been brought before this congressional hearing to testify to your dealings with illegals. Is it true that you would stuff as many as possible into the ... Read More »