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New Car

Buying a car is a frustrating experience for most. You feel the dealer holds all the cards, and you’re just hoping they won’t take too much advantage of you. I also don’t understand why they’re always wearing cowboy hats. Is it just to keep the sun off them in the lot all day, or do they view us as cattle ... Read More »

Humor: A Christmas Tale

In the next few days I will (hopefully) be posting the presentation I did over humor in Professor Hobo. Once posted you can see how much you disagree with my own flimsy analysis. However, having given the presentation twice, it has had me thinking about the subject of humor. What makes something funny? One technique in humor is to take ... Read More »


People love to complain about Valentine’s Day up until the point that they have a significant other, and then they simply complain about having to shop for Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I prefer to use it as a way to judge my wife’s expectations.  If I buy her half a dozen roses and she gets upset because she expected a full ... Read More »

Watch the Skies

People of small stature are a group you’re never quite sure what to call.  You don’t want to use midget or dwarf, because you’re really not sure of what the technical differences are.  You don’t want to say little person either, because somehow it seems wrong.  Probably best to fall back on what we all do when we don’t know ... Read More »

Guy Shopping

There are certain tasks you shouldn’t help others with.  These include, but at not limited to, passing a kidney stone, disposing of a dead body, and shopping for lingerie.  These are one person jobs. Poor Rick, he just doesn’t get it. ↓ TranscriptJIMMY: Rick, you really didn't have to come shopping with me. RICK: No problem. You need to get ... Read More »

A man’s Christmas journey through a woman’s world

Now that Christmas has passed I can write more freely about the shopping process. In particular, the process of shopping for my wife. See, while Santa might give parents a break, childless married men are left to fend for themselves in shopping for their wives. Worse, without children we’re expected to devote extra thought to our wives’ gifts. This is ... Read More »

Christmas shopping is the third circle of Hell

Christmas shopping is the worst. It’s a slow, drawn out death by degrees. It’s a solid month of trolling through malls and web pages searching for that one certain gift that won’t make someone resent you for a whole more year. Bah humbug. “But surely you can see that you’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas,” you say. “Refocus on ... Read More »