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Sports Engineering

I think in store they probably get mad if you try to play this game. They can’t stifle American creativity..using British products, forever. Though using a Dyson fan like this would somewhat resemble Quidditch, which is again a British invention. ↓ TranscriptRICK: Dude, my grandparents just sent me $200 for my birthday! I should do something responsible with it, like ... Read More »

Rigging the Olympics

It does seem odd that humans progressively get faster. Sure, technology like running shoes is getting better, but certainly at some point there’s got to be a wall humans hit, right? We can’t continuously get better forever, can we? ↓ TranscriptBEARD: Are you watching the Olympics? KLOWNUS: No, it's all rigged. KLOWNUS: For the past hundred years people have been ... Read More »

March Madness

Yesterday my beloved Murray State Racers won their first round game in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. That’s great, but it doesn’t really change anything about my life. To listen to some friends celebrating on Facebook, you might assume it had. That’s an odd reaction to have. Still, go Racers. ↓ TranscriptSTUDENT 1: Woo, we win! Our school's the best! ... Read More »

The Patriots

I feel bad for people who just aren’t that much into football and get asked about it constantly the next day. THe Super Bowl is cool and all, but not everybody really cares. That being said, it was a pretty amazing game. Did you see it? ↓ TranscriptPATRIOT: My fellow patriots, today we fight not just for our pride, but ... Read More »

Hoop Dreams

It’s kind of funny when a player is superstitious and refuses to change their socks during a winning streak. It’s kind of sad when a fan does the same thing. You hope that they’re just kidding and don’t actually believe they have anything to do with the game. You hope. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Hey #23, how about shooting the ball at ... Read More »

Undefeated Season

The Racers of Murray State University (where Professor Hobo began) are currently 21-0, and the last undefeated team in men’s college basketball. Pretty cool, huh? Yes, though suddenly everyone feels like they had some part in it. That’s the weird thing about sports–everyone feels they’re on the team. Oh well. Go Racers. ↓ TranscriptJOURNALIST: Coach T, your basketball team is ... Read More »

Whip Into Shape

This strip originates from watching a real college football practice in the rain. It didn’t seem safe, but more than that it didn’t seem like much fun. I would have taken an umbrella with me while I ran drills. ↓ TranscriptCOACH T: Now that we got these boys back onto campus, it's time to whip them into shape. ASSISTANT: But ... Read More »