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The Simplicity of Email

Universities are very skilled at taking very simple technology and making it unbearably complicated. I’m not sure why, but I have my suspicions. ↓ TranscriptBEARD: Why does it take fifteen clicks to access our email through the web? HOBO: You'd think we could type in one address and be there. STEVE: Sir, faculty complaints have dropped by forty percent! CZAR: ... Read More »

iPads in Education

Make no mistake, technology such as iPads and other tablet computers can be of great value in education. The problem, like with most education solutions, is that people tend to try to force their use and end up using them entirely incorrectly. Or else just frustrating everyone that works with them. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: I don't understand how your communication budget ... Read More »

The Upper Hand

I understand that many, many managers like to play power games, but it seems like some get dangerously close to someone getting hurt. A general rule might be to treat your employees in a meeting at least as well as Jigsaw would treat captives in the Saw films. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Keep the committee waiting a bit. It gives me the ... Read More »

Education Majors

An uneducated populace is an easy one to manipulate. Remember that if you ever wonder why politicians seem to be so anti-education as of late. Who wants smart people you can’t push around? ↓ TranscriptSTEVE: President Czar, sir! The education majors are protesting in the capital...M in the school's logo on the quad lawn! CZAR: Release the hounds. BILLY: Ahh, ... Read More »

Soften the Blow

This strip was a difficult idea to restrain within three panels. It’s not an elaborate joke, but the setup and punchline seem to require far more space. It really relies on the wording and images then to deliver the joke in a small space. The strip seems to work fairly well, but it did go through a couple of drafts. ... Read More »


This is an odd type of strip to do. I think it’s the first we’ve done that breaks out of the normal three panel or six panel format. I also think it’s the first where some of the action spills outside of the panels. Worth it? I think the top panel is pretty awesome looking and worth it alone. ↓ ... Read More »

Nature Intruding

It’s always amusing to hear people complain about wild animals in their backyards. They realize that they built their homes in the middle of the woods, right? Basically nature’s backyard? Nature isn’t even complaining so much, but the animals would like to go about their day without being harassed too terribly. Think of it as buying a nature condo. You ... Read More »

Cycle of Wood

I always like the moment of realization for people that matter cannot be destroyed. We learn this at an early age in school, but people seem to instantly forget it again when trying to solve problems. How can we solve the garbage problem in landfills? Burn it. Oh wait, that just creates another problem. Maybe simply make less of it ... Read More »

Smoke Out

If in doubt how to get a laugh, blow something up. It usually works. If it doesn’t, blame short attentions spans that are always clamoring for something to blow up. Now, you haven’t failed as a comic, but the audience has failed you. See? Blowing things up is a cure-all answer. But really, we worked hard on this one. ↓ ... Read More »

Steve busts some heads for his shot at HD

Steve is an interesting character, since we never originally intended him to be his own character. He began life as part of a trio of Racer Patrol officers. Over time, however, we found we usually only needed one officer, so we settled on Steve. The other two occasionally still turn up, but Steve is definitely the star. Read More »