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Arrested Disappointment

In all actuality, we’re incredibly excited for the new season of Arrested Development. Still, after all this time and hype, it can’t help but disappoint a certain segment of its fans no matter how good it turns out. Let’s just hope we’re not back here Monday saying they completely “blue” it. ↓ TranscriptRICK: I am so pumped about the new ... Read More »

Let’s Watch A Movie

I know a universal remote can solve a lot of these problems, but they never seem to solve them as eloquently as I might like. It seems as our TV setups have gotten better, they’ve also gotten frustratingly more complicated. I’m not sure the tradeoff was completely worthwhile. ↓ TranscriptTOM: Hey man, let's watch a movie. RICK: Cool, let me ... Read More »

Outdated Technology

I love when new technologies like Kinect tell me they are simplifying television by allowing me to yell at it. I suppose angry confrontation is the simplest form of communication, but I always thought my television and I had a more refined relationship. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Why is my TV and everything in the garbage outside? MITTENS: It was outdated, so ... Read More »

The Television We Deserve

I often see this opinion expressed that television is dumbed down for the masses. What people hate to hear is that they are the masses. Nobody wants House or CSI to be 100% authentic, or they’d be boring messes that only people with medical degrees could follow. ↓ TranscriptTREY: Television would be better if shows were written for nerds. BEARD: ... Read More »

The Weatherman

I love when the local news attempts to scare me about the weather. It can be snowing an inch, and you’d think it was the coming apocalypse from the news. I get that there’s a certain degree of looking out for the public trust by warning us of the worst case scenario, but I think there might also be some ... Read More »

Lies that television told me

As I write this, my in-laws are driving five hours to come visit. According to television, this should frighten me. My mother-in-law will suggest other men my wife should have married, and my father-in-law will glare and sneer at me at the same time–sort of a snare, if you will. Except, this won’t happen. Oh the many splendid lies of ... Read More »