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How I Became A Meteorologist

This stems a bit from the rapid increase in majors in forensic science programs after shows like CSI premiered. Many students thought their jobs would be like those on TV. Of course, journalism programs saw the same phenomenon in the 1970s after Watergate and the release of All the President’s Men. I suspect there was a similar increase in astronomy ... Read More »

Cruising for Women

This is a pretty lowbrow joke. I do wonder sometimes if certain people in the media not only induce fear for ratings, but also because they perversely feed off of it in some manner, like a banshee. ↓ TranscriptTEX: Hey lady, did you hear the snow is coming? FEMALE: Yes I did, Tex Hale. I'm headed to the store to ... Read More »

The Weatherman

I love when the local news attempts to scare me about the weather. It can be snowing an inch, and you’d think it was the coming apocalypse from the news. I get that there’s a certain degree of looking out for the public trust by warning us of the worst case scenario, but I think there might also be some ... Read More »