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Texting in Class

Professors are probably worse about using their cell phones during meetings than most students during class. If one could be allergic to hypocrisy, a faculty meeting is where you would go to die. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Why are you texting me during my class? CZAR: I want some ideas on how to integrate technology into the classroom. HOBO: How about cell ... Read More »

Educational Value of Texting

I’ve heard on occasion people push using random technologies more or less in class. Sometimes it’s texting, or PowerPoint, or Internet, or…whatever. Not that there can’t be any use for texting in a class, but it probably shouldn’t be forced. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: Students complain that our university is not high-tech enough. So I'd like you all to start using text ... Read More »

Click Click Click

I notice this walking across campus.  Few students ever look up from their cell phones, sometimes even while they navigate the hallways into classrooms.  I assume sometime soon there will be a story about a student falling into an open manhole cover, but luckily that bullet has been dodged so far. I hate it when the Minotaur attacks campus. ↓ ... Read More »