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Let’s Watch A Movie

I know a universal remote can solve a lot of these problems, but they never seem to solve them as eloquently as I might like. It seems as our TV setups have gotten better, they’ve also gotten frustratingly more complicated. I’m not sure the tradeoff was completely worthwhile. ↓ TranscriptTOM: Hey man, let's watch a movie. RICK: Cool, let me ... Read More »

Battle of the Bulge

If you watch too many sitcoms you’d start to think this was a persistent problem in dating. Maybe it is in some places. I think if you feel the need to discuss it as a problem too often, maybe you need to change your approach to dating. ↓ TranscriptTREY: Remember gentlemen, when going out this Valentine's Day keep the "Bulge ... Read More »

Gray’s Anatomy

This isn’t exactly highbrow humor, but it does point to the general lack of common knowledge many suffer from. You would assume Gray’s Anatomy was fairly well known, but I get the impression most don’t get the television show’s name as a reference. You know, Grey and Gray? Oh well. I write this and even I can’t be for sure ... Read More »

Mall Security

This is our From Dusk Till Dawn storyline.  What starts out as a simple road trip eventually turns to a monster mash.  Well, sort of.  Still, it’s enjoyable to portray the guys as a bunch of cowards in the face of faux zombies. I like that the guys remove their hats when it comes time to get down to business.  ... Read More »

The Beaver

While semi-based on a real event, the idea for this strip stems more from the buddy road comedy movies that we both love.  You know, except that they’re usually not wearing cowboy hats.  Or riding a carousel.  Or breaking into a mall.  But otherwise, very reminiscent. I think Jimmy maybe needs to always wear a cowboy hat. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Rick, ... Read More »


While on recent vacation I did see a sign for a beef jerky outlet.  My experience has been that beef jerky isn’t exactly expensive to begin with, so I wonder what the allure of an outlet is?  I hope it does have attractions like Swine Lake. Yes, the boys will eventually make it to their spring break destination.  Eventually. ↓ ... Read More »


↓ TranscriptRICK: We're ready to hit the road for spring break, guys. I loaded all the luggage on the roof of the car. TREY: Awesome. Now, we just need...wait, you did what? Rick, we're taking my Explorer. What did you load? RICK: Umm, who's driving the VW bug? BILLY: Well Rick, you squashed the bug. RICK: Raid-ical. Read More »

Ridgeland State

Was this comic written for nine-year-olds?  They do love dinosaurs,  and obviously this isn’t exactly brainy humor.  Okay, so we admit it!  Professor Hobo is going in a new interesting direction marketing to the toddler to tween set.  You got a problem with that? Tom returns from a short exile to appear in a strip and somehow manages to look ... Read More »

Episode III: The King and Us

The third episode was an attempt at doing a real episode for television. We formulated a full storyline, aimed at the commercial-friendly 22-minute range, and set to work. After the events of the first episode and all the controversy it spurred, President Czar had been rising in popularity as one of our favorite characters, as well as our readers. So ... Read More »