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Crash and Burn

The world needs more optimists. Mole and Troll always look on the sunny side. Unfortunately, I think too many people in real life also take this perspective toward doing their jobs poorly. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: We spent millions buying new computers and they're all crashing! CZAR: Even when they work, the Wi-Fi is down! What does I.T. have to say for ... Read More »

Webcam Insecurity

I worry more about I.T. departments than I do the NSA on a day to day basis. Not that I’m giving the other a pass, it’s just that I assume one is more bored than the either. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Are you using the webcams on our computers to spy on us? I use mine at home! When I'm half naked! ... Read More »

Brand New iPhone

I’m very excited for the new iPhone…assuming it really has this invisible feature. I love gadgets, but in truth my interest in new phones has dropped off considerably. Most new features seem simply bigger screens or slightly snappier processors. It’s been a while since a new feature really impressed me. ↓ TranscriptCZAR: I accidentally replied to all of campus with ... Read More »

Technology in the Classroom

I suppose it must feel that way to people on the I.T. side, but I’m constantly amazed how often I’m told I don’t like technology. Maybe some professors don’t embrace it, but I think most don’t embrace their particular technology because it doesn’t work. ↓ TranscriptMOLE: We're here from I.T. to figure out why you don't use more technology in ... Read More »

Probably Hackers

I like to pretend there’s a masked army of hackers constantly causing all of the problems with my technology. Playstation controller battery dead? Must have been hackers. Automatic door into grocery store out of order? Hackers! ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Why is my computer running so slow? MOLE: Someone probably hacked it. BEARD: I can't connect to the Internet. TROLL: Probably one ... Read More »

Let My Laptop Go

This has been a recurring problem at many jobs I’ve held. I understand the predicament of the I.T. department. How can they judge my knowledge of a computer? How can they allow different computer setups when disk images are so much simpler? Still, when I see it being an issue for people who are essentially teaching I.T. skills, then I ... Read More »

Personal Email

When in doubt on how to solve a problem, devour someone. There’s probably no better advice for a young person today. There’s probably a business self-help book in there somewhere. ↓ TranscriptTROLL: This professor only ever checks his personal email! And half the time it's replying to women from some dating site. MOLE: Too bad you can't do anything. MOLE: ... Read More »

Net Neutrality

High minded issues like net neutrality never are issues to most people until they affect their leisure time, or wallets. It will be interesting to see where this issue eventually develops, and if it enters the general conscience as an issue before it’s finally settled. Because as of now, it certainly isn’t there. ↓ TranscriptTROLL: No one takes net neutraility ... Read More »


Sure, most of a university is now completely dependent upon the Internet for their very survival, but an English department somehow manages to survive without. Well, should at least. This is fantasy, after all. The Mole character introduced here was created years ago for a web site project that never quite took off. We knew eventually we’d get some use ... Read More »