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Tea Party

Everything done at universities is for retention.  Locking students away in castle turrets is for retention, and it actually works!  I figure most administrators could justify almost anything with that one little magic word. No harm was meant to the great people at Lipton. ↓ TranscriptFEMALE: The "Truth Circles" are not working out. The students hate them. They're ready to ... Read More »

I Hate Everything

Hatred is relative.  For example, while standing in line at the DMV, you likely hate the people slowing the line.  Any other time in life these people would be meaningless to you, but not while in line.  In line they’re to be hated.  Same principle here. And yes, we do enjoy putting Trey into miserable situations. ↓ TranscriptFEMALE: Feel free ... Read More »

Truth Circles

The logical outcome of the feel-good, self-help craze is that one day we’ll all be alone in our own little private cubby holes just repeating mantras incessantly to ourselves.  It’ll sort of be like returning to the womb, with no outside worries or concerns.  I, for one, welcome this day. You can say lots of dirty things with few consequences ... Read More »