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Werewolves of the Night Clan

No, not all video game players are hopelessly socially awkward. I love video games, and I certainly don’t think that of most of my friends who also play video games. However, the ones that are can be quite funny. And why are there always werewolves in everything? ↓ TranscriptTREY: What? I'm infected by the Night Clan? Great, now I'm a ... Read More »

Siri On Steroids

Really smart people choose to go to all sorts of colleges. But beware the doctor who got into their safety school and still finished near the bottom of their class. ↓ TranscriptNERD 1: Thanks to our software update, Westin here can answer any question a student asks him. He's like Siri on steroids. But smarter. And actually kind of useful. ... Read More »