American Remake of Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey is like crack for women. I’m nto entirely sure why, except for the fact that it’s a historical soap opera. Going back to the work of Jane Austen (which wasn’t historical at the time, grant you) those have always been popular with women, so I assume any historical piece would work.

I’m still holding out for the Biblical time period romance, but the HBO series Rome may be the closest we get to that.

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: Jimmy, come watch Downtown Abby with us.
JIMMY: Did you say Downtown?

MEGAN: Yeah, it's the American remake of Downton Abbey.
AMANDA: Abby's a hooker with a heart of gold, who takes a job at a brothel run by the Crawley family.

JIMMY: I'm going to guess this is on Showtime? No, Cinemax!
TV: Abby, did the servants change the sheets on the Magic Fingers Vibrating Bed?


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