Badger Friends


Welcome to the future, where you can read up on what anyone you have ever known is having for lunch!  Social networking may be fun and even useful at times, but it’s also amazingly pointless most of the time.  Of course, this has led to every university and corporation trying to get in on the fun.

A site involving badger AI that randomly attacked your profile could be fun, indeed.  It would sort of be like those zombie and vampire games people play on Facebook, but only less annoying.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Megan, check it! This is my new profile on Badger
MEGAN: What's that?

RICK: It's the university's new social networking site. But instead of being boring like Facebook and MySpace, this site involves badgers!
MEGAN: How is that better?

RICK: If you don't post often enough, a badger wanders out and mauls your profile.
MEGAN: What does that link say? Poke a friend...with a rabies shot?


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