Being Thankful


While there is certainly nothing funny about the people who got sick from swine flu (or pig lung, as I call it), there is something a little funny about the over reaction on the part of some.  You would have thought pig lung was the second coming of the plague from many news accounts.  I’m sure this will flare up again come the holidays (as noted here).

Where did Rick get a syringe full of swine flu vaccine?  They’re surely not just handing these out, right?

↓ Transcript
MEGAN: Since none of us could make it home this year, I am thankful for this time with friends!

JIMMY: I'm thankful there's only a couple of weeks of class left.
TREY: I'm thankful for that big fat turkey...

RICK: And I'm thankful for swine flu vaccine!
TREY: Never mind.


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