I can’t stand different names for sizes. Sizes should generally follow the small, medium, and large varieties. However, we’ve all been somewhere where they don’t have those names. There’s the seafood restaurant that has trout, carp, and salmon sizes. Honestly, I have no idea what the difference between those three is, but the salmon sounds like it might swim back upstream making me sick.

I’ll take a carp. With extra butter.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: I went to get your popcorn, but they said they didn't have small anymore.
AMANDA: What do they have?

JIMMY: Well, apparently not medium, either. So I tried a large, and then a jumbo. When those didn't work I asked for a tub, but not luck there either. I thought I heard a guy in another line order a Hugo size, but then I remembered I've been rewatching the seasons of Lost.
AMANDA: Jimmy, did you get anything?

JIMMY: Back 'er up, boys!


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