Interstate Highway System

Interstate Highway System


People behave crazily on the highway. I’m sure this comes as no shock to most people, but driving over the holidays can prove to be a rude awakening to those who have forgotten. I understand nobody wants to be stuck behind someone in the left lane that is riding their brake, but some people seem to be confused and believe they’re in a real-life game of Mario Kart. I keep expecting someone to throw turtle shells from their car window.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: What's wrong with you?
AMANDA: Some jerk got mad because we passed him on the interstate. So he swerved around, cut us off, and then sped away.

MEGAN: So he could have caused a wreck, and for what? Assuming we're not the only other car on the road, there will always be someone ahead of him on it!

JIMMY: What if the world's a post-apocalyptic wasteland and he literally has the only working car left?
MEGAN: It's called the Interstate Highway System because they all interconnect. At any given moment you're ahead of yourself on some part!


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