While on recent vacation I did see a sign for a beef jerky outlet.  My experience has been that beef jerky isn’t exactly expensive to begin with, so I wonder what the allure of an outlet is?  I hope it does have attractions like Swine Lake.

Yes, the boys will eventually make it to their spring break destination.  Eventually.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Dude, check it! There's the world's largest beef jerky outlet! Let's stop.
BILLY: Oh, can we?

CLERK: Yes, well we're actually only the third largest beef jerky outlet. Omaha and Vatican City are both larger. But we do have a wonderful selection of jerked meats.

BILLY: There's an exhibit over there called Swine Lake. They just dumped some pigs in a lake filled with salt to cure them.
RICK: Guys, check it! They sell saltwater taffy!


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