Keeping Up Appearances


One does begin to wonder this when you realize that very few people actually dress how they like, but instead how they think someone else expects them to (see work). Yes, the bank may force you to wear a tie, but who does the bank believe is deciding their banking choices based on ties? They must fear this. They must believe deep in their souls that a significant population won’t do business with them if their employees don’t wear ties.

Worse, there is a population who must fear what will happen if they do business with a bank where people don’t wear ties. Or who might judge them for doing business with such a bank?

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: So tell me everything I need to know about football! I really want to enjoy this year's Super Bowl.
JIMMY: I can't. I don't even understand football.

AMANDA: What? But you're a guy! I've seen you watch football with other guys.
JIMMY: Yeah, it's all an act. I can't let guys find out I know nothing about football.

AMANDA: So, you're just faking it? Like women with orgasms? Is all of society basically being faked for the benefit of a couple of guys?
JIMMY: Yeah, but which ones?


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