Legend In My Own Mind


Occasionally there was a guy in college who would try to fool everyone. He usually just ended up wasting everyone’s time. Nobody was particularly happy about it, except for that guy. He probably ended up in Congress.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: Professor, before you get started discussing the book we were supposed to read, I'd like to interject. You see, I didn't read the book. Still, I'm going to waste everyone's time and speak as if I did.

BILLY: I'll discuss themes and motifs that are just glaringly apparent to me, even though I've never cracked the novel's spine. Later, I'll post about this glorious moment all over the Internet! My fellow brainiacs will revel in how I once again beat the system by the sheer awesomeness of my intellect.

JIMMY: Hey Billy, wake up! Were you dreaming?
BILLY: Prophesying. Can I check your notes on the book?


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