The Evolution Debate


It isn’t that his views on evolution or the Israeli/Palestinian conflict are wrong or bad, it’s that many people use their views as shields for saying whatever horrible things they want about the other side. This is obvious with some traditionally discriminated against groups, but many seem oblivious that others can have differing world-views and not be the scum of the universe.

Or maybe they just don’t care.

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: What do you think of the evolution debate?
SCIENCE: Personally, I am sick of hearing all these stupid Christians denounce evolution. Get a second brain cell.

SCIENCE: And I can't stand all these inbred southern Republicans bashing Obama, or listen to one more devious Jew scheming to steal land away from the poor Palestinians.

AMANDA: Professor, you sound like a bigot.
SCIENCE: But I'm an intellectual!


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