The Friend Zone


Every person dreads being banished to the Friend Zone. What’s funny to me is the moment of realization when it suddenly dawns on you that’s where you’re headed. I can imagine an entire Seinfeld episode on trying to prevent that placement. They would do something very clever. We, on the other hand, used portals.

You’re supposed to laugh at the comic and not us. Stop laughing at us. No, we can’t still be friends.

↓ Transcript
BAND GIRL: Thanks for asking, but Id...

BAND GIRL: ...really rather just be friends.
TREY: Do you know what you've done, woman?

TREY: I refuse to go there! Anywhere but there! I don't respect you!

TREY: I hate every movie you pick out. I have no idea what Downton Abbey is!

TREY: I think those jeans look matronly on you! Wear something slutty and I'll appreciate you more. I will not be placed in the Friend Zone!

AMANDA: Did you hear something?
BAND GIRL: Just my friend Trey being so understanding. He's just like a girl sometimes.


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