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Sickeningly Adorable

I suspect dogs think something similar, but are simply too insecure to act on it. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: Why do cats lie on their backs if they're just going to attack us when we rub their bellies? MITTENS: To lull you into a false sense of security. HOBO: How is that at all practical in the wild? MITTENS: Have you seen ... Read More »

Christmas for Cats

We always buy our cats some catnip and a toy for Christmas. They almost always get more enjoyment from leftover wrapping paper and empty boxes. There’s probably a lesson on consumerism here. ↓ TranscriptHOBO: It took me all morning, but I finally put away all your Christmas presents,... HOBO: ...picked up all the torn wrapping paper and boxes,... HOBO: ...and ... Read More »

The Power of the Sun

My cat will risk its very life among nieces and nephews running wild just to get some sun through a window. It’s like every cat is Superman desperately trying to be recharged by the sun’s rays. At least, I wish my cat had super powers. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: I added a solarium onto the place. Only without the glass. Read More »

Let the Cat Out

Anyone with a cat has experience with this phenomenon. Why do they do it? I assume cats’ brains are uniquely wired so they’re in constant flux between short and long-term memory. How else could one explain forgetting taped episodes of Pawn Stars? Well, probably many ways. ↓ TranscriptMITTENS: Let me out! Come on, hurry up! Let me out of here! ... Read More »

Night of the Housecat

Some nights my cat goes through all three of these stages. Most of the time, however, how my cat sleeps on me is a pretty good indication of how it feels that particular night. The third panel title pretty much sums up how we both feel with that positioning. Cats are not kind bed buddies. ↓ TranscriptTITLE: Comfortable TITLE: Slightly ... Read More »

The Trouble with Lemurs

Women tend to be big fans of animals, until they start eating one another. I don’t blame them for this, as the animals I eat I don’t want to consider all the animals they ate and the animals their food ate, etc. It’s like an HIV ad for vegans. ↓ TranscriptKLOWNUS: Chicks dig animals, so I took them to the ... Read More »

Pet Supplies

I feel sorry for retail employees. No, it’s not the poor wages or thankless work that garners my sympathy. I feel bad for all the customers they have to deal with. I have to interact with these people for short random encounters. They have to deal with them all day. I doubt most customers are this way, but I assume ... Read More »

Exotic Cats for Sale

I actually own a cat that resembles a lemur. There’s not much point to you knowing that, except I think I could potentially pass it off as one to a really stupid person. I think doing the opposite might also be possible. Also, lemurs are cute and this is kind of a mean comic since we never actually show you ... Read More »

Cat Sleep

My brother used to have a cat that slept like this, which seemed to invite rubbing its belly.  However, whenever someone did the cat would leap up and chase them through the house slashing with its claws.  You might think that sounds like one crazy cat, but then you’re probably a dog person and don’t realize all cats secretly want ... Read More »

Cartoon cats are the last minstrel acts

Ever noticed when watching old cartoons that a good half of them are about the speech impediments of animals? I’ve got to be honest, I’d be impressed if my cat could talk period, regardless if it could roll its Rs properly. Perhaps my standards are too low. If it were something more valid, like perhaps an incontinent cat, then I ... Read More »