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Victoria reveals her secret in HD

Victoria has been a favorite character of ours for a while. Straight-laced, British, and above general silliness, she works as an excellent foil to almost any other character. That’s probably why she pops up often to roll her eyes for the audience. Read More »

Steve busts some heads for his shot at HD

Steve is an interesting character, since we never originally intended him to be his own character. He began life as part of a trio of Racer Patrol officers. Over time, however, we found we usually only needed one officer, so we settled on Steve. The other two occasionally still turn up, but Steve is definitely the star. Read More »

Rick joins the HD craze

How do you know a fad has just about jumped the shark (such as, saying jumped the shark)? When people like Rick start joining in. Look, we created Rick and we have a certain fondness for him. But trust us, he’s one trip into The Gap away from wearing pink shirts. He just needs a blessing from the cool gods. Read More »

Hobo goes HD, sort of

Let’s say you’re the type that does an online comic strip. That’s a lot of work and time to put into something, so obviously you’d want a break now and then. What do you do with that break? Why, practice drawing the comic some more, of course! That’s exactly what David has done with these newest Professor Hobo sketches. But ... Read More »