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Common Courtesy of Dating

I never found much humor in people actually using lines and trying to be smooth. I find it much funnier when they simply abandon all hope of trying and try some sort of desperate hail Mary pass. You have to admire that. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Hey Victoria! Want to have sex, please? VICTORIA: You really think a please will get me ... Read More »

Keeping Up Appearances

One does begin to wonder this when you realize that very few people actually dress how they like, but instead how they think someone else expects them to (see work). Yes, the bank may force you to wear a tie, but who does the bank believe is deciding their banking choices based on ties? They must fear this. They must ... Read More »

Back to Campus Condoms

In college the health center offered free bags of condoms to any student. The freshmen orientation leaders made a big deal of this, though I never personally heard of many people going there to get any. They usually went to a store and just bought them, for whatever reason. I always assumed it was one or two people taking them ... Read More »

Hiding the Truth from ourselves

“If life is a comedy, then why all the tragedy,” asks Singer Chris Rice in his song “Big Enough.” If we don’t know initially, we’re soon let in that the object of his question is God himself. Rice makes this clear in the chorus when he sings, “God if You’re there I wish You’d show me / And God if ... Read More »

Magic Pants

Harry Potter is great fun, and what could be more fun than seeing Harry Potter with a date?  This is the kind of strip that normally gets us in trouble, because half the audience is convinced it’s the dirtiest and most offensive thing they’ve ever read.  The other half?  They laugh.  I like to think strips like this say far ... Read More »